Monday, September 28, 2009

"In the Absence of Words"

 In the Absence of Words
Magnetic recording tape, thread.
5' x 7'

One of the many wonderful donations to my archives of discarded wonders.
These magnetic recording tape edits were turned into Mobius strips with thread and a lot of delicate sewing. My husband came home with miles of it after recording the phenomenal Neurosis record"Given to the Rising" at Electrical Audio. Most recordings are done digitally now, so tape like this is becoming harder and harder to come by. What didn't make it on to the album was marked on, cut and coiled and put in a box for me to investigate. Jason has been wooing me with tape, shock cord and oddities since 2000. Give me a tool or a box of junk over flowers any day.

Each one of these forms is like a letter to me. Spelling out a paragraph dealing with what happens when conversations stop, communication is severed and only the imagination is generating the dialogue.

Shown at Rock Paper Scissors Salon and Gallery, Durham North Carolina.